News 2012

Karmen became new LATVIAN CHAMPION!

2xCAC shows in Liepaja, 08./09.12.2012

At the last show of the year 2012 our princess Karmen became Latvian Champion together with her super handler Sergey Fomichov! 


Both judges Tino Pehar (Croatia) and Vilmoš Kardoš (Hungary) gave Karmen BOB+BIG-4!  

Kissing her favourite handler <3
Kissing her favourite handler <3

New member in our family!

We are very happy to introduce you our sweet little curly coated retriever girl LAGUNA LOVE AUDREY HEPBURN!!! 

at the age of 7,5 weeks
at the age of 7,5 weeks

Thank you to my dear friend Laura Gusāne (Laguna Love kennel) for my precious baby!!!

International show "Baltic Winner'2012" in Tallin


After a long break in going to the shows abroad, we decided to visit the biggest show of the year in Baltia. Judge: Svend Lovendkjaer (Denmark).


LOVINDA'S KARMEN - Exc./1/Best female-5


Gosha winning his 21st CACIB
Gosha winning his 21st CACIB

We are veeery happy and proud! :)))

FCI VI. group Speciality and RETO club National show


Our dogs had fantastic results on both shows!

21.07.2012, National show, judge Dubravka Reicher (Croatia):

LOVINDA'S KARMEN - Exc./1/CQ/Best female-1/BOO


Mrs. Reicher couldn't choose between Karmen and Gosha who will get BOB. But when she gave BOB to Gosha, she told me, that she's sure, that they will have very beautiful babies. :)))))


20.07.2012, VI. group Speciality, judge Imran Husain (Pakistan): 

LOVINDA'S KARMEN - Exc./1/CQ/Best female-2 

ARAGORN THE KING VITALIGHT - Exc./1/CQ/Best male-1/BOB/BISS-1!!!!!!!!

Gosha did it for the 4th time! He's the WINNER!!!!!!!!

National show in Ogre


On this show our beautiful boy Gosha went BOB and BIG-4 under the judge from Lithuania Jurate Butkiene!

INT shows in Riga


First day was really lucky for Gosha :) He won his 20th CACIB!

09.06.2012, judge: Vitor Manuel Cristovāo Veiga (Spain) 


Lovinda's Karmen - 1/3 

Aragorn The King Vitalight - 1/1/CQ/Best male-1/Crufts q./CACIB/BOO

BOO - Aragorn The King Vitalight & BOB - O'zone Indira
BOO - Aragorn The King Vitalight & BOB - O'zone Indira

Second day Karmen was more succesfull :) These were first shows when she was in "adult" classes!

10.06.2012, judge: Lyudmila Tchistiakova (Russia)

Lovinda's Karmen - 1/1/CQ/Best female-2/RCACIB

Aragorn The King Vitalight - 1/2/CQ/Best male-4 

FCI VI group Speciality show


Wonderful day with wonderful results! :)


Judge: Dusan Paunovic (Serbia) 


LOVINDA'S KARMEN - Exc./1/PP/Best junior in breed/Best female-1/BOO/BISS Junior-3!!! 
ARAGORN THE KING VITALIGHT - Exc./1/CQ/Best male-1/BOB/BISS-2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Latvian TOP Dog 2011

According to the show results in 2011 our boy Multi CH and Multi Winner Aragorn The King Vitalight (Gosha) has became: 

TOP-1 Dalmatian in Latvia!

TOP-1 dog from FCI VI group! 

TOP-9 dog from all participants of all breeds!


Our little sweety Lovinda's Karmen has became: 
TOP-1 Dalmatian puppy in Latvia!

TOP-3 puppy from FCI VI group!

TOP-10 puppy from all breeds!

International CACIB show "Latvian Winner'12" in Riga


Our dalmatians went very well at this show! 

Judge: Vija Klučniece (Latvia), 15 dalmatians entered. 



Exc./2/CQ/Best male-4



Exc./1/PP/Latvian Junior Winner'12/Best female-1/BOO


Karmen beated all junior and adult females! Very proud of our girl!!

National shows in Valmiera


These were first shows of the new 2012! They were amazing! :) 



18.02.2012, judge Saija Juutilainen (Finland): Exc./PP/1/Best female-1/BOB/BIG-2 
19.02.2012, judge Igor Vyguzov (Russia): Exc./PP/1/Best female-1/BOO



18.02.2012, judge Saija Juutilainen (Finland): Exc./CQ/1/Best male-2

19.02.2012, judge Igor Vyguzov (Russia): Exc./CQ/1/Best male-1/BOB/BIG-4

NEWS 2011

FCI VI. group Christmas Speciality show


This was the last show of the 2011. The judge was Mr. Nicola Imbimbo from Italy. We couldn't even dream about so high results, which we had! 


LOVINDA'S KARMEN - Exc./PP/Best female-1/JBOB/BOO/BIS JUN 3!!! 

ARAGORN THE KING VITALIGHT - Exc./CQ/Best male-1/BOB and... BISS 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gosha has won Speciality show for the 3rd time!!! I wish these moments could last forever.. I am so proud of my beloved dogs!!! 


Hope, that 2012 will be even more succesful! Thank you all for your support, care and help! See you all in New 2012!!!

2 National shows in Liepaja


We had incredibly succesful weekend at 2 National show in Liepaja! 


10.12.2011 results, ring judge George Schogol (Georgia), BIG judge Denis Kuzelj (Cyprus): 


LOVINDA'S KARMEN - 1/1/PP/JCAC/Best female-1/BOB!!!

Karmen beated Gosha for the first time!!! But the biggest surprise was in the VI. group Best. Our little baby Karmen among 9 breeds was chosen as BIG-2!!! 


11.12.2011 results, ring and BIG judge Cristian Petre Stavarache from Romania:

LOVINDA'S KARMEN - 1/1/PP/JCAC/Best female-1/BOO! Closed her Latvian and Lithuanian Junior Champion titles! 



We are so grateful for everyone, who made this weekend positive, full of good emotions and happiness!


Karmen's first BOB and LT JCAC!


At the National show in Kaunas our princess Lovinda's Karmen won JCAC, N, JBOB, Best female-1, BOB!!! Later in Best in show Junior among 50 dogs she was selected in TOP-10!!! 


Thank you for judges Olga Kojevnikova from Belarus and Natalja Nekrosiene from Lithuania!

Karmen's first show in junior class


2 months had passed since Karmen became junior. And finally on the 30th of October there was CACIB show "Zooekspo 2011" in Riga, where Karmen participated. Judge Mr. Juan Naveda Carrero from Spain gave Karmen very nice description and also her first JCAC and placed her as 4th best bitch!!! So happy for our first really important result! And that is only the beginning!

First JCAC is ours! :)
First JCAC is ours! :)
We are the dancing queens!
We are the dancing queens!
In the movement
In the movement

Today Karmen is becoming a junior!


Today our little Lovinda's Karmen becomes a junior! 9 months passed since Karmen was born. :) We are so grateful for our breeders Anne Karin and Rune Nyhammer for their support, love and amazing care! 

Karmen - 9 months old
Karmen - 9 months old

Lovinda's Karmen (N UCH Dalmo's Elegant Edward х Lovinda's Heavens Door):
2xBest Baby in Breed,
1xBaby BISS-1, 
1xBaby BIS-4, 
5xBest Puppy in Breed, 
2xPuppy BIG-2,
1xPuppy BISS-2,
1xPuppy BIS-5! 

She is still like a puppy :)))
She is still like a puppy :)))

We love you so much, our happiness source, sweet Karmen! :)))))

T-Shirt with Gosha's portrait


Elizabeth finally made this T-shirt! Also we plan to make a T-Shirt for me and with Karmen's portrait. :)

Happy Birthday, mummy!!!


I love you very, very much!
I love you very, very much!

2 National shows and 1 Speciality show in Marupe

On the 23-24 July we participated at 2 National shows organized by RETO kennelclub and 1 Speciality show in Marupe. This shows are one of the best organized shows in Latvia, so we register our dogs there, even if they don't need anything. :) 


At the 23rd we had National show and Speciality show in one day. At the National show dalmatians started at 9:30, so it was not so hot and dogs felt very comfortable. The judge was Mr.Johan Hiddes from Netherlands. At this show Karmen was best puppy in the breed with excellent description: "7 months, excellent puppy in type and in construction, exc. head, feet, good neck, topline and body, very good bone, exc. spoting all over, moves with temperament, must improve in topline" . 

And then was Gosha's turn. When he came to the ring and started running, judge asked a ring steward to write in his critique, that Gosha "moves like an arabian horse"! I also feel, that he is becoming more muscled and his gate is becoming so powerful! As a result Gosha was placed 1st in best male competition and won BOB!

1 - Aragorn The King Vitalight 2 - Rikardo Sunbeam 3 - Benfatto Caro Mio
1 - Aragorn The King Vitalight 2 - Rikardo Sunbeam 3 - Benfatto Caro Mio

Happy birthday, our beloved Gosha!

At the 27th of June our best boy Aragorn The King Vitalight (Gosha) celebrated his 4th birthday! How fastly runs time...

1,5 months old
1,5 months old
4 years old
4 years old

How Karmen learnt to swim

At the 25th of June after 2xCACIB shows in Riga, where Karmen both days became best puppy in breed and BIG-2 puppy, we decided that it's time for her to learn how to swim. 

Elizabeth, my son Anton, his girlfriend Marika and Karmen went to the lake called Juglas to practice some swimming skills. Weather was perfect, there were not so many people near the lake. We bought a special toy, which doesn't sink in the water, so Karmen could ran after it in the lake. Ha-ha, how good plans we had. Karmen had different plans :) 


It looked like this:

come on, little baby, let's go for a swim!
come on, little baby, let's go for a swim!

Karmen decided, that water is so wet, that she will not go there. Elizabeth tried to do something to make Karmen go into water for at least some seconds, but she didn't want to do that, so after some minutes Elizabeth, Anton and Marika decided, that this day is not the best one for teaching Karmen how to swim and went home. 

Karmen: "Can somebody tell them, that I don't want to do it?!"
Karmen: "Can somebody tell them, that I don't want to do it?!"

P.S. after 2 weeks we went to the lake once again, but this time with Gosha. And Karmen decided to go in water after him. When she understood that this is not dangerous, she started swimming, like if she was swimming all her life. Hurrey, she can swim and what is more important - she enjoys it!

National show in Talsi, 07.05.2011

Judge - Valentina Ivanischeva (Russia)

On the 7th of May we came to a very nice city in the west of Latvia, called Talsi, to show our dogs at Talsi Kennelclub show. I must say that this was the first show organised by this club and it was fantastic! 


We showed Karmen at baby class and she received Very promissing, PP, Best Baby and amazing description "Excellently growned, prepared and showed in the ring. Perfect size, format, type, very good head, ex. tailset, very good temperament".

Karmen at the age of almost 6 months
Karmen at the age of almost 6 months

And a little bit later at the Best in Show Baby competition among 11 babies from all breeds Karmen was Best in Show Baby 4! We received very nice cup, rosette and some nice presents! I am very satisfied with our result, because dalmatian ring started at 10 o'clock, but Best in Show ring at 16:30, so she was really tired, but she behaved and runned perfectly in the ring! I am very proud of her! 

Gosha also showed himself perfectly as well and received Exc., CQ, Best male 1, BOB and later BIG IV! Very nice weekend for us! :) 

FCI VI. group Speciality show 10.04.2011

Judge - Elena Tripoli (Russia)

It was the first show for our baby Lovinda's Karmen, so we were very excited about it. 7 dalmatians were entered, among them our Karmen and Aragorn The King Vitalight (Gosha) in champion class.


Karmen was only baby in the breed, so when we came with her in the ring judge started kissing Karmen and screaming: "Oh, I am so in love with her! She is so sweet!" Also she gave Karmen excellent description: "Excellent type, exc. head, female of excellent lines and proportions. good topline, exc. movements." And she gave Exc., PP, Best Baby in Breed and Best in show baby 1!!!

Karmen behaved so perfect, I am very proud of her. When someone saw her, he immidetely started smiling, because she is so active, lovely and sweet! We can't wait for our second show!!! 


with judge Elena Tripoli
with judge Elena Tripoli

But the most biggest surprise waited for us later. Gosha became 1 male and Best of Breed and some hours later at Best in Show ring among 6 breeds received 1 place! Aragorn the King Vitalight - BOB and BIS 1 at Speciality show! He did it again! 

Gosha BIS 1
Gosha BIS 1

Later our club awarded those dogs, which became Latvian TOP dogs in 2010. Gosha became 4th TOP dog of the year from all breeds! Amazing success for dalmatian! We are very happy and proud. It means, that we are doing everything right. 

my daughter Elizabeth with Karmen
my daughter Elizabeth with Karmen